Glass Transport in Bavaria, Germany and Europe

Hans Pfab Spedition GmbH is a logistics company situated in North-East Bavaria and is a long term partner of the German and European glass industry. The main focus lies on the transport of float glass and other sheet glass products using inloader trucks, vehicles built especially for the transport of this sensitive cargo. With our specialized fleet and dedicated staff we are devoted to the service we offer our customers.

Our Story

For over 70 years we have been and continue to be a reliable partner of the glass industry. Founded in 1946 by Hans Pfab our experience goes back to the first inloader trucks available. Today we are situated in Weiherhammer, in North East Bavaria, where the glass industry has for centuries been a major economic player. From here we dispatch our fleet to glass producers and customers throughout Europe. In the joint venture WPS we have teamed up with our long term partner Spedition Hubert Winnen to provide our customers with an even larger network for their glass transport needs.

Our Gear

The inloader truck is specifically designed to transport large glass panes, produced in the float glass process. Stored on special stillages, the glass is loaded into the truck, essentially floating on the air suspension, once the transport securing locks are engaged. This ensures the save transport, loading and unloading of the product.